10 Commandments of Leadership

president obama
A good leader?

This is an attempt to extract ten actionable takeaways in ten sentences from our on-going leadership development course:

  1. Be always aware if you’re exhibiting managerial attitude or leadership attitude.
  2. Consciously develop your emotional intelligence, especially self-awareness and self-regulation.
  3. Strive to generate confidence in your followers.
  4. Create a psychologically safe environment, where followers can be authentic and open.
  5. Acknowledge that leaders don’t always have the answers.
  6. Avoid the four vices od bad leadership – incompetence, rigidity, callousness, and insularity.
  7. Keep looking for adaptive challenges and help your followers overcome them.
  8. Know your followers by categorizing them into isolates, bystanders, participants, activists, and die-hards.
  9. Populate your inner circle with participants and activist followers.
  10. Lead by asking tough questions; don’t give answers.

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