Winter, Holidays, Writing, Solitude, Reading

A Winter of Writing and Editing

It’s the term vacation. Which means there are no assignments, no team meetings, and most importantly no deadlines for the next eight days. Eight days to do whatever one wants to.

When such an occasion presents itself to me, the impulse is to take off for home or travel elsewhere. The impulse can be explained by the fatigue that sets in due to constant busyness and the general inability to get out of campus during the term. After these eight days, it will be back to assignments, cases, team meetings, and the deadlines. It makes it compelling to make use of the holidays we have.

The campus life is like a monastery. The monk of the b-school monastery lives in a plain single room, eats the simple food with your peers in large halls, and congregates in lecture halls to meditate on business problems. With no presence of commercial attractions like the malls, restaurants, cinemas, and neither the spending power, as he is a non-earning full-time student, the b-school monk is removed from distractions.

For an ordinary person like me, I begin to crave for the outside world after a few months. This time, I even hatched a couple of travel plans. One was very compelling. Fly to Goa, catch the International Film Festival, idle at the beaches, devour the seafood, and explore the Portuguese Christian villages. 

It was a compelling pitch I had made to myself. It is also winter here, I’d have loved to go some place warmer.

But I resisted.

This winter, I will be writing and editing in solitude. Much like Daphne, who stayed back in the harsh winter of Sifnos to write One Hundred Days of Solitude. While she was in a Greek Island with a few people to talk and fewer commercial attractions, I’d be on the b-school island. I hope to take walks around the green campus in the warmth of the afternoon sun to shrug of my restlessness.

I want to get my work on the book done. At least to an extent from where I see a less anxious path forward. It’s going to be challenging. But when the nights are uninspiring, I’d have some tea, and remind myself of Obama writing his ‘Dreams from My Father.’  

Why do I want to do this?  I believe that getting my first book done will improve my existence than doing anything else. I will believe that I can produce a book. That belief will change the way I experience everything else. The more I write and believe in it, I will create more meaning out of my travels and other experiences. This is why it very important to finish this book. It gives me meaning.  

Of course, when I’m too lazy to work or crave for a travel adventure, I will catch up on my favorite films – The Sound of Music, Little Forest, Hideous Kinky, The Man from the Earth, Fresa y Chocolate, The Double Life of Veronique. And some books that match the mood – My Family and Other Animals, Hundred Days of Solitude, and a few travel books.

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